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leveldb::VersionSet Class Reference

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class  Builder
struct  LevelSummaryStorage

Public Member Functions

void AddLiveFiles (std::set< uint64_t > *live)
uint64_t ApproximateOffsetOf (Version *v, const InternalKey &key)
CompactionCompactRange (int level, const InternalKey &begin, const InternalKey &end)
Versioncurrent () const
uint64_t LastSequence () const
const char * LevelSummary (LevelSummaryStorage *scratch) const
Status LogAndApply (VersionEdit *edit, port::Mutex *mu)
uint64_t LogNumber () const
IteratorMakeInputIterator (Compaction *c)
uint64_t ManifestFileNumber () const
void MarkFileNumberUsed (uint64_t number)
int64_t MaxNextLevelOverlappingBytes ()
bool NeedsCompaction () const
uint64_t NewFileNumber ()
int64_t NumLevelBytes (int level) const
int NumLevelFiles (int level) const
CompactionPickCompaction ()
uint64_t PrevLogNumber () const
Status Recover ()
void SetLastSequence (uint64_t s)
 VersionSet (const std::string &dbname, const Options *options, TableCache *table_cache, const InternalKeyComparator *)

Private Member Functions

void AppendVersion (Version *v)
void Finalize (Version *v)
void GetOverlappingInputs (int level, const InternalKey &begin, const InternalKey &end, std::vector< FileMetaData * > *inputs)
void GetRange (const std::vector< FileMetaData * > &inputs, InternalKey *smallest, InternalKey *largest)
void GetRange2 (const std::vector< FileMetaData * > &inputs1, const std::vector< FileMetaData * > &inputs2, InternalKey *smallest, InternalKey *largest)
void operator= (const VersionSet &)
void SetupOtherInputs (Compaction *c)
 VersionSet (const VersionSet &)
Status WriteSnapshot (log::Writer *log)

Private Attributes

std::string compact_pointer_ [config::kNumLevels]
const std::string dbname_
Version dummy_versions_
Env *const env_
const InternalKeyComparator icmp_
uint64_t last_sequence_
uint64_t log_number_
uint64_t manifest_file_number_
uint64_t next_file_number_
const Options *const options_
uint64_t prev_log_number_
TableCache *const table_cache_


class Compaction
class Version

Detailed Description

Definition at line 131 of file version_set.h.

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