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leveldb::DBImpl Class Reference

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struct  CompactionState
struct  CompactionStats
struct  LoggerId
struct  ManualCompaction

Public Member Functions

 DBImpl (const Options &options, const std::string &dbname)
virtual Status Delete (const WriteOptions &, const Slice &key)
virtual Status Get (const ReadOptions &options, const Slice &key, std::string *value)
virtual void GetApproximateSizes (const Range *range, int n, uint64_t *sizes)
virtual bool GetProperty (const Slice &property, std::string *value)
virtual const SnapshotGetSnapshot ()
virtual IteratorNewIterator (const ReadOptions &)
virtual Status Put (const WriteOptions &, const Slice &key, const Slice &value)
virtual void ReleaseSnapshot (const Snapshot *snapshot)
Status TEST_CompactMemTable ()
void TEST_CompactRange (int level, const std::string &begin, const std::string &end)
int64_t TEST_MaxNextLevelOverlappingBytes ()
IteratorTEST_NewInternalIterator ()
virtual Status Write (const WriteOptions &options, WriteBatch *updates)

Static Public Member Functions

static Status Open (const Options &options, const std::string &name, DB **dbptr)

Private Member Functions

void AcquireLoggingResponsibility (LoggerId *self)
void BackgroundCall ()
void BackgroundCompaction ()
void CleanupCompaction (CompactionState *compact)
Status CompactMemTable ()
 DBImpl (const DBImpl &)
void DeleteObsoleteFiles ()
Status DoCompactionWork (CompactionState *compact)
Status FinishCompactionOutputFile (CompactionState *compact, Iterator *input)
Status InstallCompactionResults (CompactionState *compact)
Status MakeRoomForWrite (bool force)
void MaybeIgnoreError (Status *s) const
void MaybeScheduleCompaction ()
Status NewDB ()
IteratorNewInternalIterator (const ReadOptions &, SequenceNumber *latest_snapshot)
Status OpenCompactionOutputFile (CompactionState *compact)
void operator= (const DBImpl &)
Status Recover (VersionEdit *edit)
Status RecoverLogFile (uint64_t log_number, VersionEdit *edit, SequenceNumber *max_sequence)
void ReleaseLoggingResponsibility (LoggerId *self)
const Comparatoruser_comparator () const
Status WriteLevel0Table (MemTable *mem, VersionEdit *edit, Version *base)

Static Private Member Functions

static void BGWork (void *db)

Private Attributes

bool bg_compaction_scheduled_
port::CondVar bg_cv_
Status bg_error_
const std::string dbname_
Env *const env_
port::AtomicPointer has_imm_
const InternalKeyComparator internal_comparator_
uint64_t logfile_number_
port::CondVar logger_cv_
port::Mutex mutex_
const Options options_
bool owns_cache_
bool owns_info_log_
std::set< uint64_t > pending_outputs_
port::AtomicPointer shutting_down_
SnapshotList snapshots_
CompactionStats stats_ [config::kNumLevels]


class DB

Detailed Description

Definition at line 24 of file db_impl.h.

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